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Zapf Exquisite

Collection 2017/18

Superior quality meets individual design

The lightweight velour quality guarantees extraordinary high wearing comfort. In addition, a special rubbing process ensures smooth surfaces and brilliant colors. Typical trademarks of these hats are their framed brims. Being also known as Collection Habsburg hats, Zapf Exquisite hats always come with an emblem of Habsburg as sticker or stitchery, showing Zapf’s long lasting hat manufacturing history.

For this product line, we offer the greatest range of colors and garnishments, allowing the buyer to customize one‘s hat in almost infinite ways.

The illustrated models are an abstract of our collection Zapf Exquisite for women. Please do not hesitate to contact us to get more information on further models, color combinations, prices and available sizes.

Customizing - Available hat colors and garnishments

Zapf Exquisite - Hat Colors
Hat Colors
Zapf Exquisite - Hat Qualities
Hat Qualities
Zapf-Exquisite - Cords
Zapf-Exquisite - Cloths
Zapf Exquisite - Rep Ribbons
Rep Ribbons

Terms of sale and delivery


Please note that the pictured collection is primarily intended for wholesale. Private customers are kindly ask to visit the online shop or Hutmacher Zapf's store in Werfen.
The illustrated hat models, hat colors and garnishments might slightly vary in color.

Price and payment

For wholesale prices please contact us by mail or telephone. We only accept payment in advance. Orders must be paid within 30 days. If payment is made within 10 days, buyers are eligible for a 3% discount.

Delivery policy

Delivery time is usually 4-8 weeks, please contact us for more information.
For wholesalers, the minimum order quantity per order is 10 hats for Zapf Exquisite, and 15 hats for both Zapf Classic and Zapf Hunting. Buyers must bear all delivery costs, which are around 10€ per package to both Austria and Germany and around 20€ per package to other European countries. One package holds up to 42 hats. Products are delivered with our partner DPD. For more information on delivery prices, please refer to their website (www.dpd.at).


Products may only be returned to us at our expenses with our prior agreement and according to our directions. Any products returned in contravention of this policy will not receive any refunds or replacements.

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